Meet Heather Wood!

Today, here at the Brick Street Radio Station, we interviewed Heather Wood about herself and some of her most recent achievements.

TheProducer: Hi Heather! It’s great to have you here today. For our listeners that don’t know you already, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Heather: Hello guys. I’m Heather Wood, I’m twelve years old, and well known for my fundraising here on Brick Street, and guest starring in my sister’s films. I enjoy writing and reading, and I aspire to work at the bank.

TheProducer: As you know, Heather, there was a little bit of controversy at the bank recently. Could you give us some more details?

Heather: It has become a big thing in the news recently, hasn’t it? My mother was using the self service laundrette next door to the bank, which was always quiet, to access the vault without anyone noticing. The owner of the laundrette was a poor old lady, who didn’t have a clue what was going on. My mother is Catherine Black, known as the Black Cat to the police. She stole the 547 000 golden bricks that I recently raised for charity, but luckily the police caught her just in time, she’s now on Prison Island. I didn’t know that she was the Black Cat until this happened.

TheProducer: Sounds like quite a story, Heather! What did you raise the 547 000 gold bricks for?

Heather: George Jones, the lovely man who owns the pet shop, wanted to expand his building to create a rescue centre and veterinary practice for all the pets in the area, but he couldn’t afford to build it and start it up and get it running. I thought he could do with bthe necessary funds, so Ruby Red and I collaborated to fundraise for food, veterinary equipment, beds, everything needed to look after the new animals he was going to take in and look after, before finding them perfect forever homes. We weren’t expecting to raise that much, but everyone decided it was a worthy cause and clubbed together to help us raise such an enormous sum!

TheProducer: Well done! You were nominated for an award, yes?


Heather: Yes, the Fundraiser Award. I won it too. I would like to thank everyone who voted and helped me get there. I would especially like to thank Ruby for helping me organise the entire fundraiser, and my twin, Holly, for publicising it.

TheProducer: That’s lovely. Would you mind telling us a little more about your sister, Holly Wood? Maybe about your latest film?

Heather: Ah, yes! It was great fun, filming Brick Separator together. It’s on at the Palace Cinema at the moment. My sister has been in a lot of films, and she’s my best friend, as well as my twin. It’s great fun being twins, because we can swap, and nobody ever notices. I love going to the premieres with her and interviewing the stars for the Brick Street Times. The worst thing about my sister would have to be that she’s always really quiet, not outgoing or bubbly like she is in the films. She is an amazing singer and dancer, much better than me. Our latest film will be available to buy next week, by the way.

TheProducer: Thank you for coming today, Heather. I hope to see more of you and your acting and fundraising in the future.

Heather: You’re welcome, thank you for having me. And I definitely won’t stop acting or fundraising! Bye everyone!

Thank you everyone and see you again soon,

TheProducer x

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