Disney Minifigure Review: Part 1

Hello, today’s review is about the latest wave of minifigures, the Disney series (which in my opinion is the best minifigure series so far!) Instead of the usual 16 minifigures, this series consists of 18 however they still cost RRP £2.49, the same as the last series.

I will start by reviewing the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, who out of the 9 minifigures I have so far, is 3 of them! His body is two colours of pink, layered in stripes and he has the short minifigure legs, like only two others in this series.  The tail is a very cool piece, that fits between his legs and his torso and his uniquely molded head is great, especially his big grin!

Cheshire Cat

If you want this character and you want to know what it feels like inside the bag, here’s a tip: It is one of three characters with short legs in his series (Stitch and Alien) so feel for them first. After that, feel for the tail, but don’t get it confused with Stitch’s ears like I did! 

Next up is Ariel from The Little Mermaid! To start of I will tell you the best thing about this minifigure: the hairpiece! It’s long and flowing and really captures the way it looks when she is underwater in the film and is also a beautiful shade of red. Her tail is different to the usual mermaids tail piece, and in my opinion, this two shaded side ways (sort of) version is much better suited to Ariel’s appearance – so I’m glad they brought out this new part. Ariel is one of the 9 minifigures in this series with an accessory, which for her is a clam shell and a very nice shade of pink diamond. I thought they would have given her a fork or Flounder and Sebastian (as that’s what I thought of straight away when I saw this minifigure!)


If you want this character and you want to know what it feels like inside the bag, here’s a tip: Feel for her tail as she is the only character in this series that has one. If you can feel it, it’s Ariel.

Next on our list to review is… Alice from Alice in Wonderland! The outfit and the hairpiece are my favourite pieces of this minifigure again and I will go into more detail after I have said this: Is it only me or does the way the eyes are printed make her look old!?! Anyway, the hairpiece is great and her black bow looks brilliant! She has one of the new skirt pieces exclusive to this series and it look great with the apron continuing onto it. She comes with two accessories, an eat me cake and a drink me bottle.


If you want this character and you want to know what it feels like inside the bag, here’s a tip: Firstly feel for her skirt. She has the same skirt piece as Minnie Mouse but once you have felt for her skirt, you can check it’s her by feeling for the hair piece.

Thank you for reading Part 1 of my Disney series review, check back soon for Part 2!



  1. I hope you don’t make the mistake of picking another Cheshire Cat. If you follow your own advice you shouldn’t!

  2. i love your web site and i really like the disney minifigures. my favourite is stitch and i hope in the next series they will do eeyore.

    • I’m glad you like my website! Stitch is my favourite too, but I haven’t got him yet 🙁 Eeyore would be cool, that’s if they have another series (I’m hoping they will!)

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