Batman Minifigure Review: Part 1

Hello and welcome back to Brick Street! Recently, Lego released a brand new series of minifigures, to tie in with the release of the Lego Batman Movie. With the movie’s release on 10th February in the UK, and even earlier in other countries, they were released at the beginning of February and today I got my first two of the series! They cost RRP £2.99 each, whereas the previous series, including the Disney series, cost RRP £2.49. Also, this series has 20 minifigures to collect. I only have two of the minifigures so far so those are the two I will be reviewing today!

I will start by reviewing Clan of the Cave Batman. His torso is printed with leopard print torn clothing and a stone Batman medallion around his neck. As with the 5 other Batman minifigures in this series, he has his iconic Batman helmet, but this time in brown. The helmet has a stitching detail printed onto it. He comes with a brown club that he can hold. His legs are the normal minifigure legs and continue the leopard print pattern from his torso, before being printed with his brown boots. The Clan of the Cave Batman has a brown cape, and therefore the back of his torso is not printed.

If you want this character and you want to know what it feels like inside the bag, here’s a tip: There are lots of minifigures with bulky parts in this series, so I think this one will be quite hard to pick out from the rest, however, try feeling for the club. It is quite bulky and bumpy, and if you are still not sure, try feeling for his helmet.

Next up is Pink Power Batgirl. The hairpiece on this minifigure is amazing! It’s exclusive to this minifigure and is really cool! Her hair is dark red and curled and tied back with a silver band! Her cape is also really cool, in a metallic pink colour. She also has a pink skirt piece, that was revealed in the Disney series last year. She has a pink Batarang and a pink mask printed on her headpiece. Her torso is pink with dark pink and silver details, and again is not printed on the back as it is covered with her awesome metallic cape! She has a double sided head, one happy, one serious, and pink boots printed on her legs.

 If you want this character and you want to know what it feels like inside the bag, here’s a tip: She has two unique and bulky parts, the skirt and the hairpiece. The fairy Batman also has a skirt, but his skirt is slightly flatter and has two layers. If you can feel a skirt piece, its most likely her. Also feel for her hairpiece. It is totally unique and quite bulky. If you can feel both it’s very likely to be Pink Power Batgirl.

Thank you for reading Part 1 of this series review, and I will write Part 2 as soon as I get my next batch of minifigures!

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