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A few months ago, I visited the Bricks Britannia event hosted by the Kent and East Sussex Railway. An exhibition featuring 30 different models made entirely from Lego is situated in Tenterden, East Sussex, this Easter. Entry to Bricks Britannia is free with the purchase of a TravelCard for all-day travel between Tenterden and Bodiam stations. Fares for the travel cards are £12 for under 15 year olds, £18 for adults or £38 for a family, all of which can be booked online.

It was a great experience and we boarded the steam train at Bodiam and travelled through the countryside until we reached Tenterden a few stations later. The views during the train journey were really pretty and the whole journey was an amazing experience to accompany the brilliant exhibition of Bricks Britannia.

The Journey

The steam locomotive 

The interior of the train carriage 

The kits to build a steam locomotive and Pullman carriage cost £10 when booking online, or £12 on the train itself. I think it is a nice little set to build while you are on the steam train, as the instructions are on the tables. However, if you want to build it at home you can find the instructions on their website. I took photos of the process so you will find those below.

Parts included in the set

Instructions on the tables

In the exhibition tent, you will also have the opportunity to build your own models on a Lego table, and write with Lego bricks on the Lego graffiti wall.
The centrepiece of the exhibit is the magnificent 8 metre long Flying Scotsman with three Pullman carriages. Inside each carriage is a very detailed scene including brick built figures.

Some of the amazingly intricate carriages and the model of the Flying Scotsman itself

Also, the models include scenes from history, ranging from the time of the tudors and before, to the time of the Concorde.
All 30 models were created by Bright Bricks, famous for being featured in Channel 4’s Inside Lego at Christmas. They used hundreds and thousands of Lego bricks to create the brilliant scenes.
A chance to win an exclusive Kent and East Sussex Railway mini figure is given every day to those that complete the activity sheet, where you have to find the letters that correspond with the models, then rearrange them to create a word. I will post if I win!
The exhibition opened on 1st April and closed on the 17th, before reopened for the next two weekends and the first four days of May.
The models include:

Fire Of London

Red Telephone Box

20th Century Figures


Finally got it posted! Thank you for reading, everyone.

The Producer x

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